The Dream Center

Caring4Haiti was founded just weeks after the devastating earthquake on Jan 12, 2010 struck the country already in peril. Pastor Rob Mallan and a team of volunteers flew into Quanaminthe with bags of food, medical supplies and other goods to do anything to help these people salvage their homes and lives. The trip was an awe-inspiring awakening for the Rob, who leads Christian Family Church of Tampa. Their efforts, though minimal, made a difference.

-But what could they do long term? Pastor Rob thought
Reacting to the need for a central care facility, they established plans to build the Dream center just days upon returning home.

In 2011, Christian Family Church and Caring4Haiti purchased 1.5 acres of land in Quanaminthe-a village outside Port Au Prince-to build the Dream Center, where they will offer a mission house with hot meals, clean water, clothing, shoes, medical care, education. an orphanage, counseling and spiritual development.

With the Dream Center, the people of Quanaminthe and its surrounding areas will no longer be refugees with their own country. This outreach hub will impact the people in the community long term, with consistent care and assistance.

Though the group has plans in place to build the Dream Center in fall 2011, it still needs your help. Visit the Give Now page to see how you can help.

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