Your gift to feeding programs helps save lives

Right now, countless hungry children are suffering throughout Haiti. By actively demonstrating God's love, Caring4Haiti is providing food for these children in desperate need. For most of the kids in our feeding lines, the food they receive is their only meal or the day. It gives them life-every nutritious bowl of rice and beans boosts their immune systems, helping their bodies to grow stronger and fight off hunger-related diseases

A simple bowl of rice and beans helps children fight the physical and emotional devastation of malnutrition and feel the love of Christ in action. Like Jesus, we don't want to merely tell people of God's goodness-we want to show them. Though their stomachs may be filled for a day, their lives are changed forever.

Are you ready to be that catalyst for change?

Help these children meet their needs, both physically and spiritually, as Caring4Haiti continually shares God's love around Haiti, in word and deed.

How you can help
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