About C4H

The events that took place on Jan. 12, 2010 shed light on an area in desperate need of help.

As the poorest country in the Western hemisphere, Haiti is ravaged by pain, hunger, homelessness and their struggles have continued long after the series of earthquakes that devastated its already vulnerable people.

Answering the desperate calls of them impoverished people, Caring4Haiti was established in 2010 by Pastor Rob Mallan and his wife Jennifer of Christian Family Church in Tampa Fla. In partnership with DR Theo and Dr. Beverly Wolmarans of Christian Family Church International, Pastors Warren and Katherine McGregor of Christian Family Church Sarasota as well as many other organizations around the globe. Caring4Haiti provides direct assistance to the village afflicted by famine, poverty and disease, sending volunteer missionaries to deliver much-needed food, clean water, clothing, education, counseling, spiritual development and medical assistance. Every mission brings rescue, relief and restoration directly into the hands of those victims in critical need.

But there's far more work to be done. Bring a miracle to a nation in need and help Haiti break the poverty cycle and rebuild for a better tomorrow today.

Thank you for all your partnership. It's with your ongoing support that we are able to touch so many lives.

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